Standing tall in Todos Santos

By Ron Leone on July 16, 2018

City Councilman Ron Leone, left, dedicates the Don Salvio Pacheco statue on July 4th. Artist Paula Slater and Carol Longshore of the Historical Society are on the right. The statue was funded entirely with donations with $55,000 to spare. (Photo by Tamara Steiner)


Bobby Bucey had a fairly successful golf career at Clayton Valley High School. But when he graduated in 2007, the Concord resident didn’t draw much attention from colleges seeking him out to join their schools’ programs.

Many schools might rue that oversight as the golfer recently did something only four World Golf Hall of Fame members have done by winning the 107th California Amateur Golf Championship, just like icons Ken Venturi, Mark O’Meara, Johnny Miller and Gene Littler achieved in the annual amateur that was first held in 1912. [click to continue…]

July 17 marked the 74th anniversary of the worst homefront disaster of World War II, and officials are still working to exonerate the African-American sailors who refused to return to work after the Port Chicago explosion.

At 10:18 p.m. on July 17, 1944, smoke and fire shot two miles into the air as the SS E.A. Bryan, loaded with 4,000 tons of ammunition, and the SS Quinault Victory, in the process of being loaded, exploded. The blast killed 320 and injured 390. It was felt all around the East Bay, blowing out windows in Concord, Walnut Creek and surrounding towns. [click to continue…]

You can’t miss Concord’s latest bicycle lane improvement project. Just look for the green bike lanes and bike boxes.

The bright green color is the standard for bicycle lanes and boxes, indicating a lane of travel and safe space for bikes. [click to continue…]

Local city government is where you can put your hand on the face of democracy.

You may want to slap them around or, for some, shake their hands, but there they are in person in front of you at a City Council meeting or at a coffee shop or supermarket line. [click to continue…]