Neighborhood Patrol program bids
farewell to founder, seeks new volunteers

By Carina Romano on July 17, 2017

Inspired by his service in the military police and post-military law enforcement, Concord resident Doug Schuster saw a need for a corps of volunteers to bring more police presence to the community. Now, finally retiring in earnest, Schuster is hoping his experience will encourage others to step up and volunteer for Neighborhood Patrol. (Photo by Tamara Steiner)


Matteo’s Dream celebrates ten-year anniversary

By John T. Miller on July 17, 2017

The Bay Area Lions clubs and the city of Concord hosted a celebration marking the 10-year anniversary of Matteo’s Dream, one of the first playgrounds in the Bay Area for children of all abilities.
Liz Lamach had the idea for the park after she and partner Rene Henderson adopted Matteo, who was blind, had cerebral palsy and a digestive disorder.

“I had to carry him into parks, and I wondered why there could be no place where he could play alongside his cousins,” Lamach recalled. [click to continue…]

Autonomous delivery bots to roll into town

By Tamara Steiner on July 17, 2017

The City Council signed off last week on a year-long pilot program with Starship Technologies to begin using 12 driverless robots to deliver groceries, food and small parcels in a 4-mile radius of downtown.

The Personal Delivery Devices are already in use in Washington D.C., the UK and several European cities with test centers closer to home in Sunnyvale, Redwood City and San Carlos. [click to continue…]

Two phrases have been bantered about in Concord’s finance circles in the past few years: “balanced budgets” and “Measure Q.”

That is no different for the two-year budget cycle that kicked off July 1, as the city approved nearly $100 million expense plans for the fiscal years 2016-’17 and 2017-’18 that are balanced, albeit precariously, on the shoulders of Measure Q – the half-cent sales tax voters extended in 2014. [click to continue…]

City moving forward on many street repairs

By Laura Hoffmeister on July 17, 2017

Over the last couple years, the City Council has worked to prioritize areas for road repavement, repairs and intersection improvements.

The Great Recession severely impacted our ability to have sufficient funds for many needed projects. But with slow local economic recovery and the passage of Measure Q local sales tax, the City Council has begun to move forward on many projects. [click to continue…]