City moving forward on many street repairs

By Laura Hoffmeister on July 17, 2017

Over the last couple years, the City Council has worked to prioritize areas for road repavement, repairs and intersection improvements.

The Great Recession severely impacted our ability to have sufficient funds for many needed projects. But with slow local economic recovery and the passage of Measure Q local sales tax, the City Council has begun to move forward on many projects.

There are still more needs than funds allow, but I will update you on the many projects recently completed or underway.
Federal transportation funds were used for repaving sections of Concord Boulevard, Arnold Industrial Way, Oak Grove Road and Salvio Street. The latter included new sidewalk on the north side, buffered bike lanes and installation of a storm drain line.

Measure Q helped fund pavement rehabilitation improvements on sections of Hillsborough Drive, East Olivera Road and Walters Way, the intersection of Monument Boulevard and Detroit Avenue, along with replacement of traffic signal loop detectors, concrete curb ramp, valley gutter and sidewalk improvements. There were also pothole and other repairs on portion of East Olivera Road and miscellaneous concrete curb ramp, valley gutter and sidewalk improvements.

Pothole and base repairs occurred on portions of Ayers Road, Concord Boulevard, Cowell Road, East Street, Meadow Lane, Mohr Lane, Pine Hollow Road, West Street, Concord Avenue, Concord Boulevard and Willow Pass Road.

Pedestrian and bicycle trail improvements were made along Meadow Lane and Market Street to the tunnel under Highway 242 and along Franquette Avenue toward Willow Pass Road.

New traffic signal systems have been installed at three intersections: Treat Boulevard/San Miguel Road, Oak Grove Road/Smith Lane and Oak Grove Road/Sierra Road. Improvements to existing traffic signal systems occurred at 10 intersections: Willow Pass Road/Sixth Street, Willow Pass Road/Parkside Drive, Willow Pass Road/Grant Street, Willow Pass Road/Galindo Street, Concord Boulevard/West Street, Concord Boulevard/Clayton Way, Concord Boulevard/Farm Bureau Road, Concord Boulevard/Sixth Street, East Street/Salvio Street and Market Street/Fry Way.

These projects also included accessible ramps, concrete sidewalks, curb and gutter, traffic signs, pavement markings and street lighting.

Traffic signal overhead lights have been replaced with new energy-efficient LED lights at 30 locations. The city also completed upgrades to its central control traffic management software with a new advanced platform to serve as the foundation to modernizing the city’s traffic monitoring and management system.

It’s been many years since the city replaced or installed new children’s play equipment, the last two being at Newhall Park and the all-abilities playground Matteo’s Dream. Meadow Homes Park recently opened a children’s play area and Ellis Lake Park and Civic Center are having tot lot equipment replaced. These three areas will have separate equipment for 2- to 5-year-olds and those 6-12.

Projects still to come include upgrading Farm Bureau Road from Wren Avenue to Walnut Avenue; Commerce Avenue Pavement Rehabilitation and an all-way stop at Galaxy Way as well as high-visibility crosswalks at the intersections of Concord Avenue and Galaxy Way; a new traffic signal at Clayton Road and Sutter Street and high-visible decorative crosswalk to improve pedestrian safety; Detroit Avenue/Whitman Road Pedestrian Improvements; replacing existing sanitary sewer mains and laterals in the downtown area that are undersized and structurally deficient; and replacing old sewer lines in areas between Clayton Road, Cowell Road, the Concord BART Station and Coventry Road.

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