Splish, Splash, Pool’s Open

Concord Community Pool was a popular place last week when it opened for the summer. The pool has been closed since mid-December for renovations which included new pool decking and improved lighting. (Photo by Adam Pingatore)

Editor’s Note: Adam Pingatore, a 2018 graduate of Clayton Valley Charter High School, discovered a passion for writing in English classes taught by extraordinary teachers at CVCHS. While managing his courses, he devoted a large part of his time to the school’s jazz band as a guitarist and to the marching band as an alto saxophone player. In the fall, he will attend UCLA, where he hopes to study English, participate in marching band and write for an on-campus newspaper.

With Bay Area temperatures on the rise, the Concord Community Pool has rejoined the collective battle against the sun.

The pool reopened to the public on June 11, after being closed since mid-December for crucial repairs. Workers replaced the pool’s deteriorating deck and installed energy-efficient LED lighting under the water. Though lengthy, the repairs ensured the longevity and safety of this beloved community retreat.

The pool had originally planned to reopen on Memorial Day weekend, however, construction complications postponed operations. Although aquatics facility supervisor Matt Galindo said “the start of the project went brilliantly,” March rains interrupted the deck’s critical backfill processes. Workers also encountered difficulties with the installation of the pool’s new lights. The delays primarily affected local swim teams, who had not anticipated the schedule change.

Galindo, an employee of the pool since 1993, believes that the new deck will help with safety. “We have a lot of little swimmers. The better shape the deck is in, the better it is on their feet. And the more it’s on their feet, the happier they are,” Galindo remarked.

The city opted for a deep broom finish. “The idea is that you get better traction on the pavement. So when someone is running, even though they’re not supposed to be, they’re less likely to slip,” Galindo said.

“Decks are always this sort of weird balancing act. Obviously we want traction to be strong, but the traction can’t be so great as to create crevices that (would make it) difficult to clean the deck if something happened.”

Entertainment at the pool is never lacking, says student Ryan Jetter, 13, of Concord’s All That and Then Some summer camp. “Just being with friends and being able to communicate and talk and have a really fun time there” is Jetter’s favorite part of the camp – a sentiment that is enhanced by their weekly pool visits.

Two, 70-foot-long inflatable obstacle courses, a 13-foot deep diving area and a total swimming space of more than 18,000 sq. ft. make the pool a must-visit.

As a “thank you” for the community’s patience during the renovation, the city offered free swimming on Saturday, June 16. The Concord Community Pool staff encourages everyone to come enjoy a day in the water and experience the new facilities.

Concord Community Pool is at 3501 Cowell Rd. For more info, call Parks and Recreation at (925) 671-3480.