Survival of local newspapers takes full community support

Last month, Bay Area News Group, publishers of the East Bay Times, gave the heave-ho to somewhere between 45 and 50 journalists in a bloodbath that cut its already bare-bones editorial staff by 30 percent. These cuts leave central Contra Costa, including Concord and Clayton, with virtually no local news coverage.

It now falls to us, your community newspaper, to step up our game.

Community journalism is like a three-legged stool.

The publishers and staff are one leg. The Pioneers are owned not by a corporate conglomerate but by us, Tamara and Bob Steiner, two lifelong Concord/Clayton residents.

Our sports editor, Jay Bedecarré, has lived in Concord or Clayton since kindergarten. Many will recognize him as producer of the annual Kidfest and a longtime Concord Pavilion executive.

Our graphic designer, Pete Cruz, also lives in Concord.

Calendar editor and customer support guru, Pamela Wiesendanger, and our professional editors and correspondents are all locals.

That’s one leg of the stool.

You—our readers and advertisers—are the other two.

Readers love the depth of our local coverage and our numbers prove it. Of the more than 36,000 newspapers delivered free to Clayton and Concord residents, we have fewer than 70 addresses on our “do not deliver” list.

Businesses wanting to reach the local market love these numbers and prove it by advertising in our pages.

The Clayton and Concord Pioneers are 100 percent advertising supported—the third leg.

See where we are going with this?

The three-legged stool: one weak leg and the whole thing falls over.

Keep community journalism alive.

Read the Pioneer. And support our advertisers.

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