Third grade honored outside the box

In one of his last official acts as mayor, Edi Birsan broke with traditiion when he presented the Mayor’s Community Service Award to “all of Concord 3rd Grades.”

The award is traditionally been given to a citizen or resident in recognition for their service and their hopes for the city.

“I don’t go for tradition,” Birsan said. “I look for who will be the most important people,” he said. Those who will “continue, whatever we build on, to make it better.”

With that, he named Concord Third Graders as recipients of the Mayor’s Community Service Award.

The third grade, he noted, is the most critical of all the grades. “It is here where you learn to break through on reading, mathmaticcs, critical thinking and being nice to one another.”

Over this past year, Birsan has visited a number of elementary schools, making specific note to include the third grade class.

“I’ve been very impressed with their willingness to learn, to accept one another and to try to live with respect, dignity honor and duty to their community and their families.”

Receiving the honor on behalf of all Concord Third Graders were Mt. Diablo Unified Schools Superintendent Dr. Nellie Meyer and MDUSD school board president, Debra Mason with several school principals and four third graders.

Meyer thanked the mayor and the council. “We’ve had a wonderful partnership with you and your fantastic team.”

“Thanks for breaking tradition, Mr. Birsan.”